Friday, July 20, 2012

V-Day...What To Do???

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V-Day...What to do???

Sooo..I'm single! (What else is new!) and by some singles, valentines day is viewed as the dreaded holiday!! With the exception of some that are glad to be free from ridiculous relationships...but me...uummmm, nah not really! I mean, I've had my moments from previous valentines days' where I despised anything lovey dovey, but thats not the case this year...thank GOD!!

So even though I'll more than likely still be single come Sunday I REFUSE to sit up and be depressed and sad and feel lonely just because I'm not spending it with anyone in particular. So I need some ideas on what to do. I have a few things in mind but not sure if they'll exactly happen..
  • Just stay of wine and a good movie should take my mind of things right?...nah
  • Go out to dinner with some of my other single girlfriends..but thats IF they're not boo'ed up! you never know with those girls!!
  • I live in Dallas and since it is the nba all star weekend going on, snag a cutie while I'm out and about in hopes that we'll have a spontaneous valentine day rendezvous!....not sure about that either...too many crazies out here! and they often want something I AIN'T giving up!
  • Go to dinner alone and try not to gag at all the other couples out there! LOL!!! I would totally be hating!

I have 2 days to decide what I wanna do. Last year I had the bomb valentines's day. My BFF and I were on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico! That was soo much fun..but it was a little weird! We were worried people would think we were "together"! So this year I was hoping that things would continue on the up and up, but it seems like now, its back to the same ol' random valentine's day. Nothing special, nothing significant!

IDK yall! we'll see how this goes! I'm not upset about it, but it would be nice to do something fun and different...ah well, another year, another Valentine's Day..and its just Me! Which shouldn't be that bad, right?!?!

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