Friday, July 20, 2012

Who They REALLY Are! An example..

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Who They REALLY Are! An example..

You know, I am alll about positivity! Positive thoughts, positive energy, positive images! I believe that it is what we think about ourselves that makes us who we are because its embedded in our hearts. Thats why it saddens me everytime I turn on the tv or I read the news its always about negative things. More specifically, about the negative image that is portrayed about African American men. 
Today I read a story about a charter school in a "tough" neighborhood in Chicago, where the ENTIRE senior class has been accepted into a four year college or university. Read the story here. My heart was elated!! This school is an all male institution with all African American students. It's rare that we would even hear about something like this. So I couldn't help but feel over-joyed for these young men.
But my excitement comes from where? I am thrilled about anyone who is at an disadvantage becase of the disproportion of lower income and high crime rates (hence myself) that go on to beat the odds of pursuing their dreams by going to college, but its NEVER talked about! African American men have been stereotyped for years and years that the most they can become are baby daddies of several women, pants saggin, weed smoking, noncontributors to this society. And if they do make something of themselves, they're only proned to be athletes and rappers! This is CRAZY!!! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it doesn't exist. I come from a city (a suburb of chicago ironically) where that is the majority of what you see...but my point is they are all not that way! I learned that myself when I first stepped foot on my alma mata back in 2001, through the friendships I have now with black men. And I'm seeing it here! That is why I am sharing this story to everyone I can! To dispell the rumor and thought that we can't do anything like this.
It is my hope that more stories alike will continue to get its shine! And that these young men get all the publicity that they can out of this. This is what we should be talking about!! This is what should make the homepage of Yahoo!. Young men who are on the road to making a difference. I will continue to talk about it, post on my facebook page, and use as an example that young black men are more that what the media portrays them to be. It is also my hope that younger black boys will see this, and believe that they too can do the same! Congratulations Fellas!!

Old...Before 30!!!!

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Old...Before 30!!!!!

You know, when people would tell me your body goes thru a lot of changes right around the 30 year old mark I laughed at them! Not because I didn't necessarily believe them, but because at the time I wasn't anywhere NEAR 30 and of course I thought "I'll be fine. That won't happen to me!" Boy, I couldn't have been more WRONG!! Some examples: 

~~This past weekend was a sure reminder that my days of "stomping with the big dogs" are done!! And by that I mean, hanging out all hours of the night only to have to wake up early the next morning. I have had non stop headaches since yesterday because of lack of sleep!! And as much as I would like to be like Jamie and blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, one glass of wine normally doesn't cause this agony! And when I do manage to hang, I'm yawning endlessly and watching the clock to see what time it is!! Even when I'm havin fun!! Makes absolutely no sense!! 

~~I used to be able to eat anything thing I want with out the fear of embarrassing myself thru the release of bodily gasses!! I'm originally from Indiana, so White Castle hamburgers were one of the many foods I grew up on loving. Everyone else around me used to complain about how it gave them the BGs, made them pass gas and all that! Not siree! UNTIL, my last trip back home over Christmas! I got a taste of what everyone else was talking about! NOT a happy camper!! So I'm thinking either it really was the White Castle, or the yearssss of Karma coming back on me for always teasing my college roommate/BFF for her lil "problem". Lets just say it reminded us of Simba's roar!! LOL!! 

I don't know! The mere thought of turning 30 kind of frightened me cause I thought, well there goes the end of my youth! There goes my ability to act silly and goofy without being looked at like I'm crazy. There goes my ability to drop it like its hott! They say 30 is the new 20 but I'm not so sure I agree with that! And it doesn't help that all my friends are the EXACT same way! What makes it so bad is that I still have a couple more years until I can claim the ripe old age! I'm not gonna diss it though. Each trip I make around the sun is a blessing..shoot, each day I wake up!! I just hope I can find the energy from somewhere, and my internal organs will go back to the way they were!! :)

V-Day...What To Do???

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V-Day...What to do???

Sooo..I'm single! (What else is new!) and by some singles, valentines day is viewed as the dreaded holiday!! With the exception of some that are glad to be free from ridiculous relationships...but me...uummmm, nah not really! I mean, I've had my moments from previous valentines days' where I despised anything lovey dovey, but thats not the case this year...thank GOD!!

So even though I'll more than likely still be single come Sunday I REFUSE to sit up and be depressed and sad and feel lonely just because I'm not spending it with anyone in particular. So I need some ideas on what to do. I have a few things in mind but not sure if they'll exactly happen..
  • Just stay of wine and a good movie should take my mind of things right?...nah
  • Go out to dinner with some of my other single girlfriends..but thats IF they're not boo'ed up! you never know with those girls!!
  • I live in Dallas and since it is the nba all star weekend going on, snag a cutie while I'm out and about in hopes that we'll have a spontaneous valentine day rendezvous!....not sure about that either...too many crazies out here! and they often want something I AIN'T giving up!
  • Go to dinner alone and try not to gag at all the other couples out there! LOL!!! I would totally be hating!

I have 2 days to decide what I wanna do. Last year I had the bomb valentines's day. My BFF and I were on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico! That was soo much fun..but it was a little weird! We were worried people would think we were "together"! So this year I was hoping that things would continue on the up and up, but it seems like now, its back to the same ol' random valentine's day. Nothing special, nothing significant!

IDK yall! we'll see how this goes! I'm not upset about it, but it would be nice to do something fun and different...ah well, another year, another Valentine's Day..and its just Me! Which shouldn't be that bad, right?!?!


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I spent a little while trying to come up with what can I actually write as my first blog..and this one thing keeps coming to mind...MEN!!! I can go on and on and on about this topic...number one, I just absolutely LOVE them! I believe they are one of God's greatest creation! and number two, i guess i'm at a place where I actually WANT a BF! I feel like I'm at a good place in my life where I would be ready for one. I use to spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong with me! Now I know, there is nothing wrong with me, per se...but there is a reason for my singleness! Maybe, there are some things God wants me to accomplish first...maybe there are still more things I need to learn about myself before I'm forced to deal with someone elses self...or maybe its not me at all, its him (where ever he is) that isn't ready! But after all that thinking, I always come back to God knows whats best!..and I rest in that. I don't hate being single...the grass isn't always greener on the married side of life either! There are pros and cons to both. But I'm really enjoying my singleness..the independence..the coming and going as I please...the not having to answer to another human being...I LOVE it! But I would be lying to myself if I were to say that I didn't want to experience the other side either. Once of my homegirls recently told me that this (refering to my new job) could be a sign of better things to come! And quite honestly, she was right! I've had a lot of new things happen in just the first 25 days of this year! The meeting of a potential BF just hasn't happened yet. So I'm still waiting Lord! LOL!! But in the meantime, I'm alright with being single and ready to mingle!