Monday, November 3, 2008

Its On My Mind..Gotta Get it Out!!!

2 days in a row..thats a record!! this is something some friends have started doing but its usually done in our daily email correspondence. i have some things i have to get off my chest so why not share it with the world!!


~why did day light savings time have to end..its almost 7 o'clock and it looks like its midnight outside!! i'm getting sleepy already...
~really should have went to mall. i'm such a last minute person..grief!! its just when i get home, i don't feel like doing anything else, esp. leaving the crib..
~add laundry to that list of things i gotta do but don't feel like doing. my closet is a mess!!!
~i LOVE my hair stylist!! my hair looks...oh, don't get me started!!
~speaking of, she's moving to a new suite, right across from the barbershop that cuts a lot of the NFL and NBA players hair!!....ooohh wee!!
~i'll really be happy when all this election stuff is over with! i did my part and voted and everything (GO OBAMA!), but i am so tired of hearing about it every minute of the day!! such a bad citizen!!
~still confused about devon's engagement????? (shoulder shrug) but happy nonetheless..
~ whats really going on with the dallas cowboys?!?!?! i'm so disgusted right now!!
~i wish i can stay consistent with exercising...
~i wish i can stay consistent with eating right...
~i would give my right arm for a noyer waffle..well no cause i wouldn't be able to eat it..maybe my left arm..LOL!!! (can't believe thats still on my bird!)
~how do you get rid of someone you wish you haven't given your number to??
~i'm dying for a new blackberry..
~3 more days til i'm in ATL..we are gonna do the fool this weekend...boi!!!
~wish the dream i had last night was a nice would that be...
~i miss melody!!!! (sigh...weep...sigh)
~i wish they had emoticons on here...
~man..i really need some shoes....its really depressing me right now!..
~i forgot to go see saw V...retard!! how did i forget to do that!!
~move to chicago??...wouldn't that be nice!!!
~that should be enough for now..unless i come up with something else..


no song selection this time!!! well, maybe...Fade Into the Background by NeYo

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