Tuesday, November 11, 2008

HBCU Experience...

TU..U KNOW!!!! one of the many chants done by the students and alumni at Tuskegee University, a historically black college in Alabama. i had the pleasure of visiting my first HBCU for Homecoming this past weekend with my friend, and i had a ball!! being from Indiana, i didn't have the choice of going to a HBCU..1) because there weren't any in the state..from what i know there are 2 in Ohio, but didn't know until it was too late..and 2) i simply just couldn't afford it!! if you're gonna go to a well known HBCU, you gotta head south and east, and i wasn't feeling the out of state fees.

Being among the people down there really felt good! they all took such pride in their school! i wish i had that! it made me wish i could have went there..but it worked out best that i didn't cause i think it would have been a lil longer before i got to know Jesus!! LOL!! i don't think my priorities would have been about the right...all about a social life..school...what!! but there are people who go and get it done in 4 years, so i guess i could have done it..who knows! the campus was beautiful!! you get a really good historic vibe, but still very in tune with today's day and age. i got to see the birth home of Booker T. Washington which is on the campus...seeing all the greeks represent their frat was entertaining...and listening to the band get the crowd hype at the football game, that was all i needed! HBCU's are all about the band!!

now the social life...wow!! all the parties we went to were off the hook!! people came out dressed all nice but still did their thang on the dance floor!! as did we!!! we had a lot of fun! it has to be fun seeing people you haven't seen in a while..whether its one year or ten years...thats what homecoming is all about! being at the parties dancing and clowning with my girlfriends, scoping out cute guys, and laughing at each other all night made it the best time for me. i had a blast!

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