Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to Reality!!!

so now that the holidays are over, what do you do!!! a few things for me....back to work (ugh) finances (too much money on presents)...lose the holiday pounds (i TOTALLY ate too much)...and finally START ALL OVER!!!

by start all over, its what it sounds like, start over!!! that was my plea! i needed a fresh start with everything! with my money, my health, and God!! and i must say my fresh start with God has been the most rewarding!! when i thought i didn't have the power to change some of the things going on with me, He told me that i did, and gave me the direction to so do!! so my theme this year...TRANSFORMATION!!! the peace and joy i have right now is indescribable! thats real!

i really believe i am living my best life at this moment (nooo not Oprah's best life). not to say things will get worse the moment the clock strikes 12, but as far as today goes... i'm happy!! and now that i have a new mind, i am ready to embrace all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) plans God has for my life!!!

Song: Prodigal Son by Tye Tribbett

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