Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Introduction....

its taken me a minute but i'm here...i am now an official "blogger"... woo hooo!!!! through the encouragement of friends i've decided to start this thing! who knows what may come of this..

now i have no major events taking place in my life as of yet (babies, marriage, change of hair color), so this will solely be for the purpose of sharing my thoughts...the things that puncture the left side of my brain...and of course, complete randomness!! that's all this really is for, ain't it!!

i like to think i live a pretty good life being the witty, independent, astonishing woman that i am. 10 years ago i didn't imagine my life turning out the way it has (sounds cliche', but for me its real talk!!) i always thought i'd become like everyone else i knew...thank GOD He had another plan! i have my ups and downs, excitement and boring moments, but for the most part...i'm really enjoying this thing called life...a life thats a routine but still full of spontaneity!!! so as i journey along watching the earth revolve and evolve around the sun, i invite you to look thru my eyes...see what i see. :)

PS. this ain't myspace, but if i had to have a song for this, it would be "My Life" by Mary J. Blidge..


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Lakisha N. Darden said...

thts my cuz, MISS INDENPENT!! whoop whoop!! :) love u